IPO.Eye is a 3D capturing robot that scans the production environment in 3D.

See IPO.Eye live in action!


Every planner knows it, every planner tries to solve it and many of them fail: Time is limited and the assembly looks different on paper than in reality. Racks are at a different location, workstations have been moved or work processes have been optimized directly on site. Nevertheless, the planner must be able to react immediately to each and every change.
The 3D capturing robot IPO.Eye provides a solution: A quick 3D capture leads to the immediate further use of 3D data. Compared to conventional laser scan methods, this new technology saves up to 80% of the time required. There are no more obstacles for the target-actual comparison.

In operation

While driving IPO.Eye captures data in real time: Material zones, workstations and production environments.

In doing so IPO.Eye generates directly usable and measurable 3D objects.

Through a combination of multiple depth sensors and color cameras and in cooperation with a hardware and software produced in-house, the robot – among other things - automatically detects racks and container types and visualizes them in their correct location.

Eliminating a capture time that would previously take several weeks, the production can start significantly earlier. Cost savings are a further benefit of IPO.Eye.

The 3D capturing robot IPO.Eye was awarded again with the Industry Award 2015 BEST OF. With this sought-after prize our innovative solution has received the award two years in a row.

At the IT&Business Fair the winners of the Innovation Award were recognized. Capturing robot IPO.Eye was awarded third place, making it one of the most innovative solutions in Baden-Württemberg.

Insight into the setup and scanning process

IPO.Plan was awarded second place by a top-ranking panel of representatives for the prestigious Hightech Award of Baden-Württemberg.

Our 3D people scanner IPO.Face could not be missing at the award ceremony. Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Nils Schmid took the opportunity to have himself portrayed in 3D.