Benefit from the fact that we can rely on our own software IPO.Log to plan your assembly line.
This enables us to recognize and fix bottlenecks, space constraints in material provision, superfluous worker paths and excessive worker utilization right from the planning stage. Our experts will be easily reachable for your input and questions and a current 3D visualization will always be accessible.


We use a combination of your intital ideas, assembly processes, layouts and frame conditions as a basis for the planning process.

Our expert tools make your planning efficient, transparent and intuitive.
IPO.Log enables the visualization of your data and recognizes potential problems at an early stage.
Assembly processes of workers, material provision, products, resources and racks/carriers become visible on the spot and can be optimized with the click of a mouse.

Achieve secure and efficient solutions supported by the expertise and technical know-how of the planners at IPO.Plan.

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