Use our expertise to optimize your material flow.

Optimize your material flow by utilizing our planning experts' years of experience and expert tools such as our in-house software, IPO.Log.

We are experts in the following areas:

  • Calculation of output and lead times for material and product in production systems
  • Dimensioning of buffers
  • Visual representation of material flow
  • Analysis and evaluation of planning alternatives
  • Protection of planning results
  • Graphic analysis of planning alternatives
  • Consideration of downtimes, set-up times and break times
  • Path optimization of resources
  • Customization of simulation models



We optimize your material flow to increase the efficiency of the production process. Our experts can recognize and fix errors at an early stage, thus creating the ideal conditions for the start of production. This can lead to considerable cost savings.

Cost savings through early simulation and planning of logistics before SOP (start of production)

Guarantee of production start-ups

Fast and efficient planning of logistics

Evaluation of outcomes and planning of optimal resources

On-schedule procurement of resources

Avoidance of uncertainty and stress at start of production

Fact-based decisions can be made at an early stage

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our planning experts, fact-based decision making processes can be significantly simplified and shortened by planners and management.
The elimination of tedious planning phases allows for an earlier start of production.
Our software IPO.Log – designed by planners for planners – facilitates a rapid and efficient implementation of customer requirements. Based on assembly and production planning, logistics planning becomes feasible as line-back planning.

Discrete and event-oriented plant simulation

Flexible Excel interface for inputs such as production, fault or setup times

Validation of simulation through visualization

Use of the VDA module box (if the customer is a VDA member)

Distribution curves for fault times

Planning process

We offer expert and customized support that is soley focused on our customer's needs. A planning project can take place in accordance with the following steps:

  • Data procurement or data transfer
  • Creation of simulation model
  • Validation of model behavior
  • Evaluation of planning alternatives and planning optimization
  • Presentation of results as the basis for decision-making

Material flow simulation

Create transparency in your logistics!

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