We can be your advisor in all areas concerning cooling lubricant filtration & chip transportation, drying and loading.

Project Management

We provide project management of system solutions and make decisions together with you based on technology, deadlines, costs and risks. By request, we will work with our colleagues from layout planning to create a holistic concept that considers hall and machine layouts, machining proccesses and materials. We will also take into account the degree of automation and the flexibility of your production.


We create an efficient and individualized solution based on your specific project requirements.

Creation of a project specific performance list

Qualified consulting

Coordination of interfaces

Project Management

Experienced project managers guide you through cost and schedule control and support you in reaching your goals.

We partner with you from the start of your envisioned project to the final implementation. After the completion of your project we remain available to optimize systems or make capacity adjustments if necessary.

Our experts on site

In the above graphic you can see a honing oil plant as well as a filtration with conventional precoat filters and pressure belt filters as secondary treatment.

A process flow chart, a 3D plant layout and a vendor-neutral announcement were created. The result of this planning can be seen in the picture above.

Ms. Evelyn Mann (evelyn.mann@ipoplan.de) is your personal contact.

Planning Supply and Disposal Facilities

We can advise you in relation to questions about cooling lubricant filtration, tension transport, and chip drying and loading.

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