Benefit from our software IPO.Log when planning and optimizing your assembly processes.

IPO.Log enables you to reach your full potential and to recognize and avoid bottlenecks, space constraints in material provision, unnecessary worker paths and excessive worker utilization right from the planning stage. A current 3D visualization is always available.

Already existing assembly processes, layouts and frame conditions can be utilized as a basis. Our software supports your planning process through the use of sophisticated algorithms.

IPO.Log enables you to visualize your data and to recognize potential and problems at an early stage. Assembly processes of workers, material provision, products, resources, racks and carriers become instantly visible and can be reconfigured and optimized per mouse click.

Material provision
Material provision

Plan in 3D the provision of required components > more

Worker path simulation
Worker path simulation

Simulate and optimize the paths of assembly workers in 3D > more

Line balancing
Line balancing

Ideally allocate assembly processes to workers > more

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Efficient planning using specific tools


See effects directly in 3D


Easy and simple to operate

Walter Schleenvoigt, Volkswagen Group RUS

"IPO.Log is an innovative instrument that has been supporting us right from the planning phase in order to plan more accurately and more efficiently.”

Walter Schleenvoigt, Volkswagen Group RUS

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