Flexible-cell manufacturing is a current topic in terms of Industry 4.0. It's very likely that this flexible concept will replace fixed conveyor belts. A simulation based on real data compares flexible-cell manufacturing with the conventional conveyor belt with astonishing results.

The concept of flexible-cell manufacturing

In flexible-cell manufacturing assembly takes place at modular stations instead of interconnected workstations. Flexible cells are set-up in a matrix.

Due to this arrangement products can move according to an optimized process sequence to those cells that are relevant for the specific product setup. Sequence and time spent in the cells are individually calculated. AGV's deliver each product on an individual path to the relevant cell. Cells that are not needed are skipped by the AGV. Based on the specific flexCell-program material provision needs to be routed 'just in time'. The AGV waits for the worker to be done instead of the worker waiting for the products to come by. With flexible cells the overall utilization rate can be increased.


The process is rolled up from behind:


    • The digital visualization of assembly and logistic processes allows line back simulations.

    • The flexCell-Algorithm evaluates the optimized process sequence for each cell.

    • According to this, production orders and logistic deliveries are planned.

    Our tools

    With our software IPO.Log we plan and simulate intralogistics and assembly. As a case study IPO.Plan simulated flexible-cell manufacturing based on real data from the automotive industry. With the new flexCell-Algorithm, integrated in IPO.Log, we can simulate flexible cell manufacturing and are able to compare it directly with the existing conventional conveyor belt.

      IPO.Log software

      Planing material flow with AGV's


      Calculate & simulate ideal process times for each cell

      Advantages of "flexCell"

      Flexible-cell manufacturing shows enormous potential:

      Worker utilization
      Worker utilization

      With flexCell worker utilization can be significantly increased!

      Product variety
      Product variety

      Increasing product variance and variety can be managed with flexible-cell manufacturing!


      Flexible cells can easily compensate for changing production numbers!

      Prevent Line Standstill
      Prevent Line Standstill

      No line standstill due to the possibility to edit and expand single cells!

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