Material provision

We reduce the planning time required for material provision in production, assembly and logistics. IPO.Log helps you use your available space most effectively while also requiring minimal resources. Our algorithms systematically support planners and provide a 3D visualization which is easier and faster than planning in 2D. We use available data such as 2D or 3D layouts as well as numeric data Excel sheets with item numbers. Changes made are immediately visible through drag and drop.

Different rack systems can be integrated through our rack configurator IPO.Rack. The positioning of carriers in the racks can even be planned to make the material zone ergonomically ideal.

Assembly lines

Both production content and the space for logistics needs to be considered when it comes to planning new assembly lines or to starting a new product line. With a click of the mouse and based on assembly processes in 3D, the material required is placed on the assembly line. Where more space is needed can be seen from an early stage. This allows for early decisions to be made on which item numbers need to be sequenced or provided in sets. Various concepts of provision can be swiftly tried out and compared.

Furnishing elements in the factory layout are automatically taken into account from the beginning so that collisions will not occur. Alternate rack and layout variations can be tried out within seconds.

When modifications in assembly (e.g. cycle time changes, etc.)  take place the provision of item numbers must also be updated. Our software will carry out this time-consuming and repetitive task for you.

By repositioning the material provisions, the changes in line-balancing of assembly workers are immediately visible. This shows how logistical problems may occur by optimizing processes and immediately reacting in order to find an optimal solution.


Get to know the basic functions in the following video clip:


A production process can only function efficiently when the required amount of material is provided to the correct location. Whether KANBAN or any other control system is used, material zones can easily be included in the 3D factory layout with IPO.Log. Regardless of whether it is about provision at the machines, production lines or individual work stations in the assembly, your space will be perfectly utilized. You will always have the correct current status due to automatic updates. Due to the bidirectional exchange with CAD systems such as AutoCAD and MicroStation, available layouts can be utilized and all planning results can be visualized in a holistic layout.


Your warehouse can be visualized quickly in 3D and ideally designed with IPO.Log. You can easily define a 2D layout during the planning process and import all items via Excel or a data base. IPO.Log uses this data and  then calculates the positioning of carriers and racks in 3D.




In the planning process of a supermarket, area for commissioning or set building, IPO.Log supports you parallel to the warehouse planning process. Beyond 3D planning and visualization, the functions can also be utilized to simulate paths. IPO.Log calculates the paths of logistics workers based on picking lists and visualizes them in 3D. All parties involved can thus see what impact the layout has on the workers’ paths and capacities.

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