Faster planning of racks

Planning and ordering of racks could be so easy – if there were not the special requests requiring time consuming coordination.

Drawings, bills of material and change requests go back and forth costing unnecessary time for both planners and manufacturers. At IPO.Plan we are convinced: It does not have to be this way!

Our 3D configurator IPO.Rack enables product planners to plan faster and more precisely in cooperation with the rack manufacturers. Assembly drawings can be created within seconds and without any CAD knowledge.

The intuitive handling is self-explanatory

Choose rack type and manufacturer from an existing library

Place order with bill of material

Enter dimensions and quantity of intermediate floors / roller conveyors

"IPO.Rack is an innovative idea to make life easier for the planners. Solutions for basic racks can autonomously be generated by the planners. I would recommend IPO.Rack since using this software means that simple rack solutions can be developed swiftly and efficiently.”

That does not only sound logical and plausible but also holds potential for manufacturers and customers. Therefore IPO.Plan is delighted that rack manufacturers such as Item, Industrietechnik and Bito have become involved.

Matthias Kellermann, IPO.Plan, Managing Partner | CEO

“We are delighted about this cooperation! IPO.Rack will provide a faster and more reliable planning process to our customers and rack manufacturers alike – both sides win.”

Matthias Kellermann, IPO.Plan, Managing Partner | CEO

About IPO.Rack

IPO.Rack is free of charge for interested parties.
With it racks can be planned, saved and sent to the manufacturer.
The 3D view is included, the bill of material, however, can only be viewed in the paid version.
Nevertheless, ordering racks is possible. Via the transmitted data, the manufacturer can add the bill of material with the paid version (Euro 1,500). Additional rack options can be selected.

Further processing of the rack in our 4D simulation and planning tool IPO.Log is also possible.

The planner does not need any CAD software nor any CAD knowledge to generate the 3D rack data. Rack planning is possible with the click of a mouse. Transparency is achieved because various manufacturers are included. Thus the coordination with the manufacturer is simplified and results are achieved more quickly.

IPO.Rack reduces unproductive time. Currently our library contains Trilogiq, Item, BITO and First Logistic. We are also in conversation with further rack manufacturers.


Furthermore, exclusive IPO.Rack versions for manufacturers are available. They contain only the rack data of one specific manufacturer. These versions contain more extensive rack data than the free version. Thus the sales department receives support because a tablet computer can be used to explain the software to the customers when visiting them on-site. An app for Android and mobile phones is in the planning stage. During the call, the salesperson simply shows the customized rack and does not have to prepare drawings and offers. The customers sees immediately what he will get. The price of Euro 4,500 lies far below the price of a rack configurator developed in house (10-30 times more expensive).


With IPO.Rack, rack planning becomes foolproof.

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